This autumn, Greencastle Community Centre will be delivering a series of evening and evening classes suited to anyone going to sea in powerboats, sailboats or kayaks.

The courses will be delivered as a series of modules as evening classes and weekend full-day sessions, based on the RYA Yachtmaster syllabus and other, specific, items.

Course costs have been subsidised by FLAG North funding.

Greencastle Community Centre Theory & practical courses for sailors.

Greencastle Community Centre
Theory & practical courses for sailors.

Course details as follows:

Short Range VHF Radio Course: 2-day weekend course

Safeguarding Levels 1 & 2 -Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults —e Required by volunteers in all clubs and centres: 1 x 3 to 4-hour session per Level.

Basic First Aid: 1 x 6-hour session

Event Safety Management for clubs and committees: 1 x 2-hour session

Hypothermia & Rescue Boat First Aid: 1 x 2-hour session

Use & Servicing of personal flotation devices: 1 x 2-hour session

Safety on board / fire / rescue / communications: 1 x 2-hour session

Towing & Rescue procedures: 1 x 2-hour session

International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea: 2 x 2-hour sessions

Charts & Publications: 2 x 2-hour sessions

Chartwork & Pilotage: 2 x 2-hour sessions

Weather / Passage Planning: 2 x 2-hour sessions

Tides: 2 x 2-hour sessions

Ropes / wires / anchors: 1 x 2-hour session

Tuning of Sails & Rigging: 1 x 2-hour session

Rules of Racing: 1 x 2-hour session

Fishing electronic logbooks and reporting: 1 x 2-hour session

For details or to book, call the centre on (074) 938 1054